The Beginning of a New Adventure

While it makes sense for me to give a bit of a back story as to how I got to be an American living in the beautiful Tuscan city of Lucca, I prefer my first post to just jump right into the here and now.  I’ve been in Italy for two months now, and I have noticed some significant differences in the lifestyle here verses the United States.  This observation is to be known as….

How I Know I Am Living In Italy Not the USA

  1. Every other day seems to be a holiday or festival of some kind
  2. Where you park your bike often brings conflict with your neighbor
  3. You tell time by the church bells instead of clocks
  4. When a woman buys a razor to shave her legs, it also comes with a bikini trimmer attached to it
  5. People look at you funny if you show up to eat dinner before 2030 hours (8:30pm)
  6. Gelato stands are open as late as bars
  7. It is normal to see babies and small children still out with family after 2300 hours (11pm)
  8. While you have a washer for clothes, do not expect a dryer (you will miss having a dryer so so much)
  9. It is not uncommon to see a majority of the population around you smoking including pregnant ladies
  10. Do not plan your shopping trips between the hours of 1300 and 1600 (1-4pm) – most businesses are closed for siesta
  11. Do not expect services like home renovations or internet installation during the month of August – all Italians take vacation during the month of August
  12. Box springs for your bed do not exist
  13. If you hear a loud explosion that sounds like continuous cannon fire, that is just a thunderstorm

It is a whole new world full of interesting every day occurrences and challenges.  I think it might just be the most amazing adventure of my life yet.

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