Our Classic Lucchesi Home

Our Classic Lucchesi Home

Since my husband arrived in Lucca, Italy two and a half months before I came, he had the complicated responsibility to find us a home. Most women would not entrust this task onto a man. I am very fortunate to have married a guy who has similar priorities when looking for a place to live. He found us an amazing apartment. It is a large 3-bedroom place. Our favorite amenity is the balcony. We really wanted to have an outdoor space to sit and relax with a glass of wine. The view from the balcony is of an exquisite garden and an old church tower. Still, my favorite area of our apartment is what I call the parlor/library. It has floor to ceiling bookshelves and antique furniture that gives the room an old English feel. Let’s face it though, my favorite room is always going to be the room with all the books in it. Our place came completely furnished, but we are adding a few small personal touches.

The downside to this amazing and large space is the constant upkeep that is needed. My husband has done a fantastic job figuring out how things work. He successfully managed to turn the heat on recently. (It is more complicated than one might think.) I spend a majority of my time keeping the place clean. Our place is almost too big.

We decided that since we have extra bedrooms that are empty most of the time, that we would rent those out as much as we feel we can and when family and friends are not staying with us (hint…hint…come visit). We have heard a few good things from friends about Airbnb and have decided to try it out. Click on Our Classic Lucchesi Home above to view our Airbnb advertisement and see some photos of our place. If you know of anyone who may be planning a trip to Italy, please feel free to share this link with them as well.


3 thoughts on “Our Classic Lucchesi Home

  1. I like this. I’ve seen the pictures on your Airbnb, and your place looks really cute. One of my favorite things is a balcony as well… the best part of life is being outdoors. Good work Greg.

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