MALTA (September 2013)


Three days in Malta was not enough! Since we were unfamiliar with the islands and all their splendor, we thought the best way to travel around the first day was using one of the Hop-On Hop-Off tour buses. This tour would include a cruise around the main island as well. Unfortunately, we had a horrible experience with this form of tour, so I do not recommend this. You are better off traveling around on your own or finding a different company. The attendants that worked for this company were rude and the audio system on the bus that is suppose to give us information about each place we are seeing wasn’t turned on half the time and wasn’t working well the rest of the time.

We did get off the bus to explore Mosta Dome ourselves. It is the 4th largest dome in the world and has become infamous. During World War II, a German bomb was dropped through the dome where hundreds of people were worshipping. By some miracle, the bomb did not explode.

After traveling around Malta for a few hours, we had a brief lunch and decided to hop on the cruise right away. The cruise was far superior to the bus experience. A guide talked the entire time about Malta and different sights we were seeing.

I was surprised by the nightlife on Malta. If I was younger, I would say that it is the perfect place to go for spring break. There are bars, clubs, and beaches.

Next visit, I will definitely explore more of the island of Gozo.



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