The real Under the Tuscan Sun Part Two

At the time I wrote my last blog post, it looked like our damaged bedroom wall was about to be completely repaired and our worries regarding this issue would be over. We were not that lucky.

My husband and I waited a couple days for the paint to dry on the repaired wall before we inspected it. When we took a look, the water damage looked as bad as before the repairs were made and this time also had a moldy, fuzzy look on the bottom part of the wall. We would once again have to contact the landlord. The landlord came by to inspect and felt that they may not have repaired the roof like originally thought. As it turned out, it was Wall1the roof at all that was a problem but a leaking pipe inside the wall. A week later, the same construction guys were back to tear apart the wall again. Day One was spent demolishing the wall and removing the bad pipes. Day Two was spent replacing the bad pipes. Day Three was spentWall2 repairing the wall.That is where we are at right now. The toughest part about this process is that someone has to be constantly present in the apartment. The construction workers need continuous access to our apartment as they leave frequently for supplies, etc. My husband can’t stay home all the time as he is needed in his office. We are doing our best to take turns being in the house, but it has been a bit of a burden on our lives here.

Hopefully, the workers have finished the repairs and wall reconstruction, so that the painters can come later in the week to finish the job. I am hoping that by the end of next week, we will see that the bedroom wall is officially repaired, and I can post the completed project at the end of this blog. We will be so grateful to have that room back as we have been dealing with this issue since Christmas and will need to utilize that room for the family that will be staying with us in just a few weeks.

Fingers crossed….

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