After more than seven months living in Italy, I was craving a little taste of the USA. My husband and I didn’t have to go far. I got to have my America Day in Florence.

The day started with a stop at The Paperback Exchange near the Duomo. I am a huge fan of books, but Italy has been hard on my book collecting habit. I do have a small Italian book collection started, but it has been difficult to find affordable English language books. I am not spending 25 Euros for one book at the local Libreria. The Paperback Exchange was a great find. It provides new and used English books from art, history, and politics to classic fiction and new bestsellers for more affordable prices. (I recommend not doing the bookstore first, because in our experience, then you have to carry lots of books around Florence with you.) I managed to find a large bag full for just around 20 Euros.

We ate lunch at The Diner near the Museo Nazionale del Bargello. The Diner provides you with an American style breakfast or burgers. Cheddar cheese has been hard to find here in Italy, but The Diner has it, so I highly recommend having either a cheddar burger or cheddar omelette. You can also have a classic milkshake there too. I got the Oreo milkshake. It was delicious of course. They do American coffee too. The biggest difference in American coffee is the size. The Diner serves the coffee in the largest coffee mug ever.

I am a huge movie fan. However, Lucca, Italy (where we live) does not show movies in their original sound. While my Italian has improved, I don’t think I would get much out of new movies that are dubbed over in Italian. In Florence, there is a theater called Cinema Odeon that shows American movies in their original sound. They include Italian subtitles, which was helpful in continuing to learn more of the Italian language. The Odeon also has a bar attached so that you can have wine or beer during the movie. Our America Day would not have been complete without seeing the new Captain America movie.

It was a perfect America Day!


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