24-hour Readathon for the 2nd time!

I participated in Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon last October and loved every minute of it, even the late hours when I was super tired. Since it was my first readathon I was a bit unprepared for things, so I am making up for it this time. Here is a picture of the reading station I have prepared for myself before the readathon was to begin.


I now have a station prepared with lots of book choices that I can choose from depending on my mood. May I recommend not reading a horror novel at 4am? That was one of my rookie mistakes last year. I creeped myself out. I also have prepared some snacks that I can just grab when I get hungry. I have candy on the reading station, but also fruit and other snacks already prepared in the kitchen. There isn’t a lot of time to worry about food, so being prepared with that in advance is a good plan. I am excited to use this readathon to have some quality time with lots of different literary characters.





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