WWW Wednesdays – April 3, 2019


What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Time for another WWW Wednesdays, which is brought to you by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words. If you too want to participate, answer the above questions and post that link on Sam’s page.

I am preparing my TBR pile for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, which should include some books from my Spring Reading List. Meanwhile, I will also beginning to read some Margaret Atwood for my 2019 A Focus on Authors Reading Challenge. As a special bonus, I will be seeing her in person on Friday!

Currently Reading

Finished Reading

Focus on Authors Challenge: The Greater Journey by David McCullough – audiobook = ♦ ♦ ♦
Focus on Authors Challenge: The Johnstown Flood by David McCullough – book = ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
NetGalley ARC: The Last Stone by Mark Bowden – ebook = ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

*Click on the title of the book for my full review. My full David McCullough blog post will come up later this week.*

Reading Next


Have you read anything by the author Margaret Atwood? If so, what would you recommend? I’ve only ever read The Handmaid’s Tale. What are y’all reading now? Anyone participated in the 24 hour readathon this weekend? Please post your WWW links below in the comments if I haven’t already visited them.



27 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays – April 3, 2019

  1. Readathons are such fun, aren’t they? Though, work always seems to give me overtime after I sign up for one, so … there’s that. It’s like they know. Enjoy your readathon!

    I’ve never read Margaret Atwood, but The Importance of Being Earnest was hard to get through for me, personally. Though, I have that problem with a lot of classics, even if I feel like they’re worthwhile reads. xD Happy reading!

    Here’s my WWW Wednesday post.

    • I love readathons! They are my happy place! 🙂 I don’t get to do many because of work as well. My employer doesn’t often care about my reading life.

      I will say that The Handmaid’s Tale is very well done. The language is so powerful. Worth reading Margaret Atwood for that one at the very least. This will be my second Oscar Wilde. I didn’t love The Picture of Dorian Gray, so we shall see how this works out.

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ll go check out your WWW!

      • I’m pretty sure it’s a conspiracy. xD We should revolt and demand more reading time!

        I’ve heard good things about The Handmaid’s Tale. I just have such a hard time getting into those books sometimes. I’ll add it to my shelf to be checked out, though. 🙂 Someone suggested trying to listen to it on Audiobook while coloring or something to help focus (I have ADHD and tend to drift off) as a way to get through classics, and I think I’m going to try that!

        Oh no! I actually really enjoyed The Picture of Dorian Gray. xD So maybe that means you’ll really like The Importance of Being Earnest lol.

  2. I have liked several Margaret Atwood books. The Robber Bride and Cat’s Eye were good…and I have The Edible Woman waiting on a stack.

    I didn’t love the MaddAddam books…but that’s me. I am curious about Stone Mattress.

    Enjoy, and here’s MY WWW POST

  3. I love A Little Princess, it’s a favourite from when I was growing up – enjoy.
    As for Astwood, I’ve read but don’t remember a lot if hers, but one I would definitely recommend is Alias Grace which I thought was fantastic.

    • I read The Secret Garden last year, so thought I would enjoy A Little Princess as well, hoping it will make a fun readathon read. Thank you for the Atwood recommendation!

  4. I loved Kavalier and Clay. I thought the characters were so well developed. I even had a bit of a crush on the main character. Was sad to close that book and say goodbye to him 🙂 I liked Oryx and Crake as well – hope you like it!

  5. I have read Alias Grace and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. She is definitely one of my favourite authors. Also, I like readathons but I never seem to pull them off.

    • I’m really excited about diving into some Atwood. Alias Grace seems to be a favorite. I was the same way with readathons, but once I committed to one and made sure people I lived with left me alone, it became a favorite time for me, so I try to do a few a year. It is a great way to reunite with your books and read some off of your shelves.

  6. I am also prepping for Dewey’s Readathon! I have only done two before and one went well and the other….didn’t. I need to be better prepped this year! Perhaps I should do all Harry Potter – I am so behind my big HP reading plan for this year. I’m glad to see you got Outer Order Inner Calm – what are you thinking so far?

    • Yeah…I learned after the first time that I need to put more effort into prepping. It really is mostly about the prep. I fail at food prep a lot and then spend precious reading time trying to find some food. I got my TBR stack ready but not my food yet. We shall see how this goes. Good luck!!! I am loving OOIC and wish I actually owned it (I currently am reading a library book), as I think it will be a useful tool any time I need some organization in my life.

      • I read a library version of OOIC as well and found it a fantastic jumping off point for beginning to get your surroundings to a place that allows for inner calm. Good luck this weekend – I also need to arrange the food!

      • The whole idea of just going room-to-room in your house to see what you could improve that’ll bring you less stress is a great idea. I definitely am that person that has a light burned out, which is an easy fix, but I always forget about it.

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